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"I'd like to share my incredible experience with Jonathan Bouffard and his team at Topo 3D. Their expertise in 3D scanning is simply unrivalled! Since we've been working with Jonathan, we've been able to bring our projects to life in a way that exceeds our expectations. It's always a pleasure to collaborate with such a committed team."

- Maxime C., MCMCAD

"I wanted to take a moment to express my deepest gratitude and share my glowing testimonial to their outstanding work by the TOPO3D team in executing our Civil projects. Their unwavering dedication, inexhaustible drive and remarkable expertise truly made the difference."

- Jessy P., Sintra

"Topo3D is a trusted professional partner for Prevu3D's turnkey projects. Their cutting-edge expertise and commitment to quality service have served more than 2,000 satisfied customers worldwide. We highly recommend their services."

- Nicolas M., Prevu3D

"Right from the start, I was impressed by Topo3D's level of commitment. Their approach is simply remarkable, and through their appropriate use of a number of technologies it ensures the achievement of a quality result that I have rarely seen. They demonstrated meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that every aspect of our project was considered and executed with exemplary precision. Their attention to detail is simply extraordinary."

- Marc-André P., Hydro-Québec

"I can't recommend Topo3D highly enough for their unrivalled professionalism, inspiring drive and unrivalled expertise in helping us realise our projects. Working with them has been a truly rewarding experience, and I'm convinced that anyone who has the chance to collaborate with them will be fully satisfied with the results."

- P Pinsonneau, EBC

"Topo3D's professionalism is truly inspiring. Their highly qualified and competent team demonstrated first-rate technical expertise, surpassing all our expectations. Their in-depth knowledge of the field and their ability to propose innovative solutions greatly contributed to the success of our project."

- Steve C., Rio Tinto

"The people at TOPO3D are always at the forefront of finding innovative applications for 3D scanning, enabling us to make substantial savings on our projects. The accuracy of the scans allows us to design and prefabricate piping without having to validate measurements on site."

- Robert L., Suncor Energy

"Working with Topo3D, I was also impressed by their responsiveness and efficiency. They demonstrated a keen sense of urgency with their mobile scanning, quickly responding to all our concerns and ensuring that our needs were consistently met. Their ability to handle the unexpected calmly and professionally was particularly noteworthy."

- Jean-François D., Demix

"Great service, knowledgeable and professional staff at Topo3D."

- Kevin VL., Interlag

"The dynamism of the Topo3D team is simply contagious. Their constant energy and enthusiasm breathed new life into our project, propelling it to new heights. Their passion for their work shines through in every interaction, and this is undeniably reflected in the quality of their work."

- Sarah H., Eurovia

"Exceptionally high quality service with competent, fast and efficient people."

- France D., Energir

"What really made the difference for us was the speed of execution as well as the quality of the 3D scans. They did the project with their 6 scanners in record time. If you're looking for high-quality 3D scanning services, combined with a responsive team, I highly recommend Topo 3D. Their commitment to excellence and their ability to respond quickly to their customers' needs are undeniable assets. Thank you, Jonathan, for your professionalism and for making our projects more tangible than ever."

- Robin M., Olympic Park